How the children can easily share opinion to their parent ?

I want tell a story .When I was young, I was an obedient child and always obey parents. But one day, when I talk  my opinion with mom that I want  control my life and don’t want parent worry anymore, not must do this, do that . I have a trouble with my mom. My mom show me that I think I have grown and do not respect the opinions of her. But something not like that, I just control my life and do work that I like in that moment. And we have a big agrument. A heavy air cover both my family and my dad must have terminate it.

A quenstion in my head. Why in the culture of VietName families, whenever the children show a opinion different with their parent, they are consider wrong? And if the son want talk  about his thought, how the son do their parent to listen and understand 

I just would like to share my onw perpective as follow :

First, Let’s talk above example. Why the more I talk, the more my mother would talk. The more I want to prove right, My mother inscreasingly conservative and dertermined. Do you feel that, as my mother said, I did not listen, and so until when I say , they will not listen. So I think that, when preseting an idea with parents, let us ready listen to them, listen here are not complety accepted. That’s just show I am seriously listening to  them. Only when we calm down listen from parents, we will understands worries from them. From that, we will persuade them accept our opnion.

So, How to find a true reason to persuade parents ? I think , if you want parent to belive you, you must prove that by the details action. Example, in that case, if I could do again, I would have been prepared a clearly plants in near future. For exmple, With the current salary , I  can completely live by itself. Another reason, I just have 23 yearsold, I am very young and I want to do that I like such as travel, improve soft skils.

And the last opinion, I would says everyone in here, my parents are always love us, they can do everything for us. So that, Let’s love yours parent and do best for yous family

Published by Nguyen Quoc Dung

"If you only do what you can do You never be more than you are now"

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