The issue of myself

On Friday this week, I had a small meeting with the team leader. The main point discussion that is he want me to improve code skills. By his way, He suggests me search and deep learning about CaseWhere project, that’s a project which we are doing. And understanding the main concepts it working.

The issue when I recognise is up 4 years of university to now, I don’t try my best and seriously to do anything about my jobs. Whatever I do, I always finish it to get the high score and prove my friend that I am a good man or a superstar.

But, if I still do this, I can’t develop my career. I recognised that up to now, I had a scare in my mind. The scare maybe begins when I was young. I always wanted to make parents fun and proud of me. So, I often created pressure for myself do well everything.

The answer for that issue is I need to find a right motivate and the good feeling about jobs. Because, when I do this, I will have a funny to overcome the scare in head and learn anything to improve my skills

And last, the sentences in a film that I like:

Follow excellence…Success will chase you

Published by Nguyen Quoc Dung

"If you only do what you can do You never be more than you are now"

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