Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction

As the society grows, money is becoming more important nowadays. Having money may not make you happy, but having no money will make you miserable. Thus, most people believe that the wage is the main factor of making the decision for a career. However, in my opinion, I strongly believe job satisfaction is more important than big salary.

Firstly, I think life is too short to be wasted in only earning money without any satisfaction. For example, you work average 8 hours per day. It also means the time working accounts for one third in your life. If you just work for money then you cannot feel happy. However, job satisfaction will keep you happy every minute. For instance, researchers spent their life in research since they are passionate and feel happy about what they do. Their work’s purpose is to become famous, not to become rich.

Secondly, in my point of view, job satisfaction will help you enjoy life. Enjoyment doesn’t mean that you have a big bank balance; but it means you are satisfied with your current work. If you are not satisfied then in fact you are wasting your talent. Maybe when starting, you won’t earn much, but at least you are happy with it. It will be beneficial for you in a long term, particularly, for your own career path.

To sum up, balancing between salary and job satisfaction is better. However, I strongly believe that job satisfaction is more important because it will help you enjoy life and promote your career path.


Published by Nguyen Quoc Dung

"If you only do what you can do You never be more than you are now"

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  1. Bài viết hay, nhưng tiêu đề và nội dung thấy nó hơi ngược thì phải :). Cảm ơn bài viết của bạn


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